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Welcome to Feliss Art and Design

  Phyllis Jarrett

I grew up on a small Saskatchewan farm overlooking Last Mountain Lake. There I discovered my love of art. Our small house was busy with six siblings and often a few cousins that my caring parents took under their wings.

My peaceful creating space was upstairs by a window that was often covered in an inch of frost during the winter. Frosty winter months ment less work with only the cows to feed and milk. This gave me plenty of extra time to pencil sketch for hours and hours.

Being a self taught artist in the digital era is beneficial and numerous online tutorials provided me with a wealth of knowledge. I have made it a point to self teach myself in several different mediums. Presently my focus is mixed media collage and illustrated watercolours. I have designed several Metis beadwork graphics with photoshop to incorporate into my artwork. My recent purchase of a professional camera will fulfill my photography interests and I love it! Yes I am a bit of an art phanatic and thoroughly love creating!

My Kokum's creativity and determination inspired my art. She lived in a two room house on Jackrabbit Street on the road allowance in Lebret, Saskatchewan. During the winter months she lived with us as her home lacked electricity, heat and running water. Lovingly we would string beads for the gorgeous necklaces she would create. For our efforts we received a nickel per string. Later that evening we would play rummy for a nickel. The nickel would often go full circle. The sales of her necklaces in the community provided her with extra income for living expenses. The elders in my youth were positive role models and always encouraged my creative nature. It's my way to show the pride I have for Indigenous cultures.

I have endless ideas and plans to continue my growth and drive to create art throughout my life. I sign my art with P. Poitras-Jarrett honouring both my Metis mother and my Scottish-English Father.  I will always promote pride and positivity through art in the community and in Indigenous people.

I have chosen the social media name and web site name “Feliss” which means "lucky, fortunate, happy".  It’s also a shorter version of my name “Phyllis” 

Feliss Art and Design creates unique handmade designs reflecting Canadian culture.  I'm honoured to provide you and your family with my designer apparel and home decor.   My Metis culture traditionally adorned their clothing with beautiful floral beadwork and this will be evident in my art. As you know Canadians are people with diverse cultures from around the world. The Metis people were the first in Canada that celebrated two cultures coming together to create a new unique blend. Metis people have both European and Indigenous ancestory. Happy shopping and welcome to Feliss Art and Design. 

My art photos and graphic designs have taken many hours to create

All Rights Reserved on the Artwork © Phyllis Jarrett, Feliss Art 2016 - 2019
Thanks in advance and feel free to contact me with any concerns or clarification. 

Thank you for choosing Feliss Art! 
A Proud Canadian Designer from Regina, Saskatchewan!