FELISS ART & Design - handmade designs on fashions, art decor, art phone cases and wall art.

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Feliss Art and Design creates unique handmade designs reflecting Canadian culture. The name Feliss means luck and happiness. I'm honoured to provide you and your family with my designer apparel and home decor.   My Metis culture traditionally adorned their clothing with beautiful floral beadwork and this will be part of many of my designs. As you know Canadians are people with diverse cultures from around the world. The Metis people were the first in Canada that celebrated two cultures coming together to create a new unique blend. Metis people have both European and Indigenous ancestory. This is reflected in my art and graphic designs. 
I'm fortunate that I can enjoy the different cultural designs that our Canadians adorn on their clothing and accessories. Many of my designs will be a mix of my favourites. Happy shopping and welcome to Feliss Art and Design. 

Feliss Poitras-Jarrett 

My art photos and graphic designs have taken many hours to create
All Rights Reserved on the Artwork © Phyllis Jarrett Feliss Art 2016 - 2017 and on. 
Thanks in advance and feel free to contact me with any concerns or clarification. Any produced designs are for personal use only and not resale.

Thank you for choosing Feliss Art! 
A Proud Canadian Designer from Regina, Saskatchewan!